Twenty-sixth of Dragon 2624

Dama Kadri djinn Khayriyah djinn Terilanquel al'Korie, betrothed to Lord Dominic Korie travels with her bodyguard, the Jvrillian Mikal D'Allyne, and her manservant, the Rhoni Cesare khal'Jasmine kha'Sayako kha'Twilight kha'Horosha Danika. She is here to meet her husband's family and — if the Fates are kind to her — Lord Dominic will have concluded his business dealings to... Honestly, Kisa, the thought of adding Dominie to this mix of madness sends my head spinning with the possibilities. It does no good for me to look at the Paths upon which the young Korie Lord treads, for the Lady Arylis dances gaily along every one. Because Lady Kadri is somewhat sickly, Lady Bekkah Yurisdotter, Priestess of Attera, and her Apprentice Rhomanishkah' al'lhahrhonsha' al'khylyrishkatsarinish, are traveling with her. Squire Dean Marguard has been charged by his Knight, Sir Kevin Magesbane, to guard and protect Lady Bekkah. Darian and Longtooth, our Hunters, and Jankin, our wood-carving friend, remain beyond the walls and may venture only into the outer Ring of the City. And, of course, your Knight will play whatever role you See as the most advantageous, as will her Initiate, Kay Koromov.

© Kelly Naylor