Late Yrick 2617

Dearest Daxia,

Some of the legendary songs are wonderful, little one, perhaps you will reconsider. From what I've read of history though, legendary people don't set out to be so, they just seem to get swept along with the events where they earn their status. Just be smart and stay safe, little one, and let the legends go as they may. And I want to repeat the part about being safe. If you ever get yourself killed, you can be sure that I will raise you from the dead so that I can give you the tongue lashing of your life. You'll think Kassia was a kitten compared to me.

You sound like a spy, the way you write of watching others to know their moves. Such things, I'll happily leave to others. My lot in life is a simple one. And I like it that way.

I'm surprised you did not enjoy your first kiss... perhaps another someday. Do not fret over it, everyone finds love someday. You'll know it. At least we share the love of dancing.

I've heard as well that the Gods talk. It seems while Lady Attera is well loved, she isn't well loved by all the Gods and she can do things that get in the way of the other God's plans. I don't worry about such things as they're well above my head. I'm happy when I can ease another's pain, especially those of children.

I still think about Marcus and I grieve, but it is not as bad as it once was. That leads into some bad news, little one. Well somewhat. Lady Catherine has decided that there are too many priestesses in the keep and being the youngest, she has decided that I need to spend some time amongst the people of the land. I think she truly just wants me away from this place and the sad memories that she knows I have. It is a good chance to learn more of the Lady's ways while helping the people. So tomorrow, I will pack my belongings and catch a ride and make a circuit of the Lowside Tarn.

As usual, she is probably correct and I know she is doing what is best for me. The downside, little one, is that there are no couriers in these parts. It could literally be years before I will have the chance to write again.

I promise you that a day won't pass without me thinking of you. I know you will no longer be a young girl when next I write. You'll be a grown woman. I can hardly believe that as I write it. It seems only yesterday when I kissed you goodbye, with your chubby cheeks and curly red hair. How I wish I could see your face before I leave!

Lady Catherine gave me a beautiful pair of boots. They're easily the best thing I own. Then she did something I never expected, she hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked me to remember her. I could not believe it. I told her that I owe her so much. She taught me more than anyone. She had unshed tears in her eyes and I could tell that I was like a daughter to her. We both knew that this was the best thing for me, it just wasn't the easiest thing.

So by the time you get this, I'll be well on my way.

I love you, Dazi; make me proud and keep a lookout for me. I'll show up someday when you least expect it.


© Nivek
The Heartwood and all characters not otherwise expressly stated are © Kh'Lyh'ra Press / Mike Naylor