Early Raven 2615

My darling not-so-little sister,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to you. Forgive me for the stains upon the parchment. Just thinking about recent events causes my chest to heave and I begin to cry anew.

Marcus is gone. Dead I have been told. He fell in a battle during their last patrol.

Oh Dazi, I had fallen in love with him and he with me. He had told me so last year at the Midwinter festival and I was so in love with him as well, Dazi. Oh Dazi, I feel so lost at the moment. I was considering coming home, but I know I can't. Well, actually, I know I have a duty to Lady Attera. I have barely left my room in the last two weeks. Lady Catherine was very stern with me when she saw how little I had eaten.

She is right of course. I did not come here to fall in love, I came here to serve Lady Attera and I must rededicate myself for Lady Attera, for myself and also for Marcus. He would have wanted me to continue.

I miss him so, Dazi. I know you probably can't understand it all yet, but I wanted to share it with the person who knows me best.

I must go now, Lady Catherine has summoned me. She does not allow me to be idle much during the day anymore. She says that recommitting myself to my studies will help me heal. I trust her, so I will say goodbye for now.

I love you so much,

© Nivek
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