Midwinter 2609

Dear Bekkah,

I really miss you. Midwinter Festival doesn't seem as happy without you. I hope the Ladies of Attera are as kind and wonderful as they seem from far away.

Priestess Kassia still makes me practice my letters every day. It is very hard work still. But when I finally get all the letters perfect, she lets me go play in the gardens.

Kassia wants me to talk like her and the other fine people in the Temple. But Bekkah, what is wrong with talking like Mama and Papa did? Kassia says it makes me sound like a peasant. I asked Daneel what that meant. It means one of the people from the farm area. What's wrong with being from the farm area? I will write out all the words to practice my letters, but if I want to talk like Mama and Papa, she can't stop me. Sometimes she's mean.

Mostly everything is the same here as it was before you left. I went to the market with Daneel last Marketday and saw Khorall Linnell on her balcony. She is very beautiful.

Write and tell me how you are doing!


© Kelly Naylor
The Heartwood and all characters not otherwise expressly stated are © Kh'Lyh'ra Press / Mike Naylor