Early Dragon 2623

Dear Bekkah,

I hope that you are someplace nice; someplace safe, too. I know only the most foolish of people would dare harm a Lady of Attera, but I fear times are becoming less certain, and the trouble that has been brewing is about to boil over.

Last Yrick, the Kories sent an emissary from the Imperial Court, a Brother of Hastur, to speak with the Khorall. Oh, what an angry session that was, Bekkah! I don't think I have ever seen the Khorall with such fire in her eyes. I could see great concern on Verchovai Reena's face, and though Lord Kisa remained as impassive as ever, I could see this day was a pivotal one. What angered Khorall Linnell so much, I think, was the fact that the Kories where sending regrets at the disappearance of her younger sister, Innocence, the Khorall of Snowgate Keep. Were it not for the fact that Khorall Innocence and her fiance, Lord Danton Kierkegaard, disappeared over eighteen years ago, I believe our Khorall may have been accepting of the sentiments. But the fact that this was the first time the Kories had thought it necessary to express any regrets, coupled with the fact that Khorall Innocence and Lord Danton's guard had been augmented by mercenaries rather than the promised guards of House Korie, put Khorall Linnell in the most foul of moods. There were many other topics in that session, but I still continue to wonder if perhaps the Brother of Hastur was sent to deliberately taunt Khorall Linnell. I sometimes wish I could see the patterns between the Noble families better.

Our Khorall has decided not to attend this Midsummer's Council, and Khorall Korie is sure to take it as an insult. To be honest, Bekkah, I'm not certain it wasn't meant as an insult as the person Khorall Linnell sent in her stead is a Dayalan warrior. Though I still regularly attend the sessions at Court, I am not privy to the plans of our Khorall and Heir. I do know that tensions run high and tempers are often short. Some days, it seems the Heir and I -- the Watchers -- are the only things still and quiet in Dawnview Castle. Even the walls themselves seem to vibrate with the tensions.

But enough politics! Gilly says my lancework is exceptional for one so young, and I try not to feel a swelling of pride at her praise. Fortunately, my pride does not last long, for moments later she'll have me flat on my back when we work with the staffs.

As always, I am sending my love and hopes that you are happy, learning all Attera has to teach you, and are helping people as you have always wanted. You are never far from my thoughts, dear sister.

Until next time...

Much love,

© Kelly Naylor
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