Late Poet 2610

Dearest Dazi,

I am settled in here at Lilia's Castle. The journey went well, although I will admit that I had many misgivings on those first days. I miss you terribly and wish I could have taken you with me, but you are safer in our Vale, especially with Kassia. Listen to Kassia, little one; she is very wise. If you ever leave your home you can still speak with our accent, but there may be times you do not want others to know from where you hail. Then Kassia's lessons will prove valuable.

I am learning under Lady Catherine Elainesdotter, the ranking priestess here. She is kind and patient and welcomed me with open arms. There are many days I wish I could sit on the bed and brush your hair while you tell me of your day, but I know this life, the life of a Lady of Attera, is what I want to do and I hope you will be happy for me.

There are other initiates here, but I am the youngest and have not made close friends with anyone yet. Truth be told, I've been mostly alone studying and praying. Well, that and doing my chores. Speaking of which, Kassia is not mean little one, the chores she makes us do need to be done everywhere. You must do your share.

I will send this off to you now so you know I arrived safely. I promise to write often. I never stop thinking about you little one.

I love you,

© Nivek
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