Early Tiger 2614

Dear Dazi,

I hope you're not getting so big that I can't call you by your nickname. Just imagining how you must look now, makes me all the sadder for not being there with you... although one of the reasons I was able to pursue my goals was that I knew you were in good hands.

I think I have an answer to one of your questions, young one. I remember my own training there as well as what I've received here. And I watch Lady Catherine with others and when an instructor thinks you truly cannot learn anymore then they're sweet and kind with you, or they ignore you. They do this because there is no point in pushing you if you can't go further. So the fact that Kassia pushes you so hard means she sees a lot of promise in you. So take comfort in that and smile when she yells at you and apply yourself to your lessons, little one.

I also understand why she had you carry the buckets the way she did. It was in preparation for carrying a sword, to help you build strength in your arms. I've tried lifting a sword and I do not know how you can do it. You must truly be growing quickly. I would be hard pressed to raise it above my head let alone fight with one. I'm struggling with learning to use a dagger. I can tell, because Marcus never yells at me or gets frustrated. I must be at my limit and I can tell you honestly that I'm terrible. It's a good thing that no man would dare attack a Lady of Attera.

Speaking of Marcus, we've spent a lot more time together and I should probably not be telling you this, but I have kissed him some more and each one is better than the last.

I'm so anxious to tell you this next thing. I was able to call upon the Lady's power today! Yes, I actually healed a man's arm with my power. Well, the Lady's power, of course. Oh Dazi, I can't begin to tell you what that felt like. I probably shouldn't say this, but it's the best comparison I have. The feeling is similar to how I feel when Marcus kisses me. It's a warmth that spreads through me and then out of me to the wound. Lady Catherine was shocked. She could not believe that I could do such a thing yet.

Oh, the days we spend on plants and herbs, Dazi! It would shock you, I'm sure. There is the obvious like you've been taught, but some are good for curing diseases, or at least the symptoms until a proper cure can be found. Would you believe some work better on men than women! It's all rather daunting, Dazi. Lady Catherine tells us that we have to learn to help ourselves first with what we have been given and not to let Lady Attera do all the work for us. I suppose when she puts it like that it makes sense. I guess that's why she has been tasked with teaching us.

I will write again soon, probably after the Midsummer's feast. Take care little one (although, I'll probably have to stop calling you that).


© Nivek
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