Late Horse 2619

Dear Bekkah,

It has taken over two fullhand of days to be able to write of an incident this past Storm season. I cannot write of everything that transpired, and perhaps will not even be able to speak of it when our paths intersect once again. I suppose this is one of the many curses that come with being thrust into the arena of politics. I hate that I must keep secrets from my own sister! But there is trouble brewing on the horizon, and if my silence makes a difference in all of this, then I hope you will understand, and forgive me when I am not as forthcoming as I would like to be. Should these troubles resolve peacefully, or should Dayala and Lady Attera grant us long lives, I promise I will tell you the whole story when it is safe to do so.

I'm sorry to be so cryptic, Bekkah. Perhaps, soon I hope, I can tell you more. For now, I can only share an interesting gift (or curse, I suppose, depending on who you ask) I possess. I have often had... feelings or instincts... that I found inexplicable, and oftentimes downright annoying and inconvenient. I can remember having these feelings, instincts even as a small child. What I have learned is that these feelings are but precursors to actually seeing patterns of events, connections among disparate people, even outcomes of actions or inactions. And now you know why some might call it a curse, for if one had a strong enough talent, one could see how a small action today might affect the whole of the mainland, or even the entire world, a fullhand of years, or even a fullhand of generations, into the future. My talent is not so strong, and for that I'm grateful. But I do see that my path leads me from the relative safety of Dawnview Vale, to spend the majority of my time away from my home, my Temple-sisters, my friends. As Verchovai Gillyflower has already said, my place is in the world... though I think it will take quite a few more arguments between her and Kassia for Kassia to admit this.

For perhaps the first time, I truly understand that Kassia not only wants me to be the very best I can be, but that she truly cares for me. She believes that I would be safest staying here, and what I cannot tell her (what I should perhaps not even be telling you) is that the consequences of my remaining in the Vale are dire indeed. I cannot say more than this now. But if you are to worry, only do so if you are reading this more than five years after I have written it, and I am still ensconced in the Temple in Dawnview.

I wish I could explain more, my dear sister. I wish I could tell the whole tale of how I learned of this... oh, and such a tale it is! But that must wait for another day.

As always, I think of you each day and miss you so very much.

You have all my love, always,

© Kelly Naylor
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